STA International Learn to Swim Programme

We follow the STA Learn to Swim Programme which is an incentive-based swimming skills scheme and millions of children worldwide have learned to swim using this system. It is designed to improve the standards of swimming teaching and water safety.  The focus of lessons is developing all four strokes – front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and butterfly as well as water safety competencies such as floating, treading water, diving and rescue skills.  Distance swimming is not something we focus on, our lessons are about developing all round swimmers who are water safe. Badges and Certificates are awarded in June and December and are available to purchase at a cost of £5. They must be pre-ordered and the link to order will be sent at time of informing parents of child’s level.


  • Starfish (Levels 1-6)
  • Stanley (Levels 1-7)
  • Octopus (Levels 1-3)
  • Goldfish (Levels 1-3)
  • Angelfish (Levels 1-3)
  • Shark (Levels 1-3)
  • Advanced Swimmer Series (Levels Bronze, Silver, Gold)