The pool dimensions are 16m x 8m and runs at a constant water temperature of 31 degrees with the air temperature of 32 degrees. The UV water treatment allows us to reduce the chlorine level in the water. There is plenty of free on-site parking and the changing facilities include 14 changing cubicles, 2 family changing rooms and a disabled wet room.

An air-conditioned viewing gallery with tables and chairs as well as tea and coffee facilities are available for parents to relax in while watching their children’s lesson or complete homework with other siblings. Free Wifi is also available throughout the building.

Our History

Construction of the pool started in September 2017 on a green field site located on our own family farm. In September 2018 we completed the build and opened our doors for private swimming lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We have the answer below.

  • How quickly will my child learn how to swim?

    Every child is different and there are many factors that will contribute to learning to swim. Their beginning skill level, their age, the number of swimming sessions per week, and their past experiences will all play a part in how long it takes them to achieve their swimming goals. We compare learning to swim like learning a musical instrument the more time that is spent on practising the faster the skills will be developed!

  • Why is my child using a floatation aid?

    We use shark fins primarily for safety so if your child cannot swim a full width of our pool unaided and cannot touch the bottom of the pool, they will be required to wear one of the shark fins. These aids also help children to have a better body position in the water and give them the confidence to try new skills that they would not even consider doing without the shark fin.

    The use of noodles, kickboards and pull buoys will be used at all levels of swimming as they help to isolate parts of the body and let the swimmer focus on one particular element.

  • Why is my child not swimming lengths?

    We follow the STA International Learn to Swim programme which develops all round swimmers in all four strokes as well as teaching water safety and rescue skills.  Children can tire very easily, and their technique becomes compromised, this results in them not really getting the best out of their lesson.

  • What day and time are beginner lessons held?

    There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to our timetables, we have developed them over the past 4 years around parents’ availability. Our lessons are held 7 days a week and it depends on where we get a space to add in a whole new class for beginners.

  • Will my three children be able to swim around the same time?

    We work extremely hard to ensure that siblings get their swimming lessons around the same time, this obviously isn’t always possible but its a small minority of parents who must visit the pool more than once a week.

  • What depth is your pool?

    The first 10m of our pool is 1.2m deep, there is also a deep end that is 2.2m deep.  We deliberately designed the shallow end to be deeper than most other pools because in our experience once children can stand up in water they will, which results in them walking rather than swimming, or standing to get a quick breath rather than breathing properly!

  • How long are your lessons?

    Each lesson lasts for 30 minutes, and are booked in blocks ranging between 11 and 13 weeks.

  • My child cannot attend their lesson this week, can they swap into another class?

    This is not something we offer. Our lessons are arranged by age and ability, and we could not guarantee to have a free space in an appropriate class for your child.  We also feel it is very disruptive and unfair to have new children joining a class for a one off lesson. With the number of swimmers we have attending each week, it would be an impossible task to keep a track of who was coming when!

  • Can I drop my child off and come back for them?

    No, it is essential that a responsible adult is always on site for every swimmer. In the case of an emergency or injury, or even your child requiring the toilet you need to be present to be able to assist.

Some feedback from our customers

My 5 year old daughter has just loved her lessons at Oatlands from the very beginning. The swimming instructors are just fantastic with the children and my daughter really looks forward to her lessons each week. All the classes are so well organised and the communication from Leanne and Stewart (emails, texts etc.) is excellent.

Vicky Hunniford

I am a nervous swimmer and started lessons with my 6 month old baby. My nerves have been put to ease. Lovely facility and amazing teacher who really takes the time with everyone. Highly recommended.

Elizabeth Irvine

My son is attending Oatlands as a complete beginner. He thoroughly enjoys it and looks forward to his lesson. His coach Jordan is very good and my son talks fondly of him. The attention to detail from those that run it is second to none – very organised! The facilities are spotlessly clean and with the small numbers the changing is stress free as there is ample space. We just re-enrolled for a second term.

Lynsay Cunningham

Excellent set-up, efficient, and great teachers.

Andrew Morrow

Tuesday swimming day is the highlight of my kids’ week! My daughter (3) just loves her classes with Jennifer and has progressed with confidence to leaping under the water and moving in the water independently. My son (5) is very happy in his class with Steven too, enjoying every session and proudly reporting his progress! Thanks Oatlands!

Kerry Boden